Preparing for Your License


When you turn 16 everyone is excited to get their permit and/or license, but there are certain steps you need to complete to get there.

Once you turn 16 you can go and get your permit. Many teens think they don’t have to study for their permit test, but it is always good to look over everything just in case.

If you don’t pass the first time, you can study what you got wrong and take it again.

After you pass your permit, you can start driving with someone licensed and over 18

When you first get behind the wheel, it should be in a parking lot. It is always a little nerve-racking when you are a first time driver, but once you start practicing a lot you will get used to being in control of a car.

After feeling comfortable practicing the basics, it is time to drive on back roads where there is not a lot of traffic. Practicing on back roads is good for keeping an appropriate following distance, going around things on the road, and slowing down around curves.

When driving on back roads is as simple as driving in a parking lot, you should get some practice driving on busier roads or highways. Driving on busier roads and highways can allow you to practice changing lanes, merging into traffic, and using ramps at appropriate speeds.

It will take time to learn how to predict other drivers’ actions and to recognize high-risk traffic situations, like a traffic jam.

Practicing in different conditions is very important. Driving at night, in the rain and snow, and where there is roadwork all need to be practiced because it will help you for real driving situations when you have your license.

Another option would be taking driving lessons at a driving school. Taking driving lessons will help a lot because the instructor will help you if you are anxious.

After plenty of practice, it would also be a good idea to learn how to pump gas, check the oil, and maintain air pressure in the tires. Just remember, it will take some time to perfect your driving and practice makes perfect.


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