Ronald McDonald Wants you


Securing your first job will be one of the most exciting and disappointing events in your life. This may be a new experience, so allow me to set the stage for you.

You are living off weekly allowances from your parents and the McDonald’s Dollar Menu is a symbol of your way of life. Christmas is secretly more about presents to you, but no one has to know that.

All of this is great and life is perfect, but you’re a young adult now and your parents are heartless. It is time to get a job.

You will fill out auncle sam article photopplications to the “dream minimum wage jobs” hoping to score a position at your favorite retail store. The sections of applications asking for past experience will be your worst nightmare.

After struggling to come up with professional references that are not family, and filling out countless applications, you will wait. The disappointment will creep up on you as every time you make a call your inquiry is met with a generic “we will call you back” response.

It seems as if your parents are asking you daily about job prospects, because they are. You always promised yourself, “I will never work at a fast food restaurant,” but the idea of working in the fast-paced kitchen of a local Burger King is beginning to become enticing.

We all make sacrifices and you justify yours by only thinking about money. You’re on a paper chase, grinding hard for your money, and when that bi-weekly paycheck comes in with a number lower than 300, a little piece of you dies inside.

All of the hours spent as a prisoner watching the outside world only amounted to a couple hundred dollars.

The reality is you will have high expectations for your first experience in the work force that more than likely will not be met. All you can do is accept your fate, gain experience, and enlist under Ronald McDonald’s army.


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