Lip Challenge Goes Viral


Around the world millions of teenagers have jumped to do the “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge.” Teens attempt to emulate her by doing this challenge.

In the last three weeks this new trend is sweeping through the social networks and media.

Instead of applying make up like Jenner does, these teens are suctioning their lips. They are trying to create her ideal plump lips by sucking on a shot glass.

What many participants do not know is that it can be threatening. Using a shot glass can be dangerous due to the friction and pressure it causes as one starts suctioning their lips.

Since the glass is not flexible, it can break and create a lot of injuries around their lips. Most of the participants end up bleeding and have bruising around their lips.

It can also create pain around their lips for a couple of days.

Challenges around the world go wrong because the tissues around the lips are very sensitive. It can ultimately damage a facial vein.

Teens who are participating in this challenge are ruining their faces because most of swelling does not go away for ten or more days.

For the many teens who are trying to do this, it is important to know that it can create dangers. Be aware of the risks and be smart enough not to do something that can seriously injure one’s face.

Do not experiment with this challenge; it is not a smart idea. Keep your body safe and healthy.


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