Thanks a Bunch for the Free Lunch

BY LEAH CONNATSER – Arts and Entertainment Editor

All breakfasts for Lebanon High School’s students have been free for many years. Now as of the 2015-2016 school year, school lunches are free as well.
Various students were asked the question, “How do the new free lunches benefit you?” Let’s see what the future alumni of LHS are thinking.

Freshman, Sarah Brightbill, was kind enough to answer this question. She responded, “I no longer stress about having to remember my money for lunch, plus the lunches are way better than the middle school’s.”

Sophomore, Alexis Landes, stated that, “I have always had a free lunch so it doesn’t affect me, but I am glad other people do not have to pay now.” 

Junior, Ambrose Bouchard, was asked about the lunches too. “Well it is helpful because now parents do not have to pay for their child’s lunch”, Bouchard explained.

An anonymous senior said, “The free lunch really aids me because now my parents can use the money towards college and other essentials in my high school career.”

Overall, Lebanon High definitely made a terrific decision in changing the price of lunches. It takes a lot of weight off of student’s backs.

imageSophomore - Alexis Landesimage

Freshman                                 Sophomore                           Junior


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