Media Made Drama


It seems like everytime a celebrity has an opinion on something, the media blows it way out of proportion. People go crazy because a celeb might like something more than another thing.

Recently Zayn Malik, ex-member of One Direction, broke off a two-year relationship with a member of the girlband Little Mix. He hadn’t taken to the internet about it, instead he chose to keep his personal life, well, personal.

However, he did find a post on Twitter with these instructions: “If you like Fifth Harmony better, retweet. If you like Little Mix better, favorite!” Zayn retweeted it.

Woah woah woah, I know, such a horrible thing to do! Him not liking his ex- fiance’s band is crazy.

By doing a quick search of “Zayn Malik twitter Little Mix,” several pages will pop up about this “dig” at Little Mix. All of the articles will say the same thing, that Zayn Malik is such a bad person for doing this.

Granted, it might not have been the nicest thing for him to do, but he did it. This also isn’t the first time that various tweets have gotten several articles written about them.

Earlier this summer, rapper Nicki Minaj and singer Taylor Swift had some tweets shared with each other that may not have been the nicest. Nicki was angry because she wasn’t nominated for an award, and Taylor thought Nicki was talking about her. Nicki wasn’t, and that was somehow important enough to become broadcasted everywhere.

Yes, it was a twitter fight, but people went a little overboard with it. Tons of articles recapping the entire feud have riddled the internet ever since the first tweet was shared. ‘#teamTaylor’ and ‘#teamNicki’ have been the way to declare whose side you’re on.

So yes, mainstream media does take things way too far. But if all of these articles have thousands of views, who’s really to blame? The people for feeding into the drama, or the people who create it?

I believe it is us, the people, for letting celebrity drama affect our lives so much. Some people will freak out the instant their favorite celebrity does something, so the media makes sure to cover it. It’s a vicious cycle: celebrity does something, people freak out, media covers it, celebrity does something. Rinse and repeat for every major star.

I think the only solution for the media’s hype about celebrities is for people to slow down and freak out about their own lives, be happy for themselves, and idolize their self. You don’t need a mass following to be happy in life. Be your own favorite celebrity. Doesn’t that sound great?


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