Give a Gift

BY LEAH CONNATSER – Arts and Entertainment Editorgift

Ho, ho, ho! Will you need great gift ideas that do not empty your wallet? Then read on for some tips to help you do just that.

First off, think of who the person is, and how much they mean to you.

Generally, someone who means a lot to you usually doesn’t want you to spend your money on an expensive gift.

FYI, there are so many DIY gifts you can make for a loved one.

For example, in this YouTube video, youtuber ‘Maybaby’ demonstrates cool and inexpensive gift ideas including candy boxes, a personalized phone case, unbaked brownies in a jar, and many more.

Here is another link if the first one wasn’t enough, ‘Sara’s Beauty Corner’ explains how to make a personalized sweater, a picture frame, and others.

Thinking of a gift for a family member?

Hand your relative a picture of the two of you with a personalized frame from the previous video link. It reminds them of how much time really does fly and how you guys are still so close.

Possibly, if that person asks you if you spent money on them, you can clearly answer, “No, I made it with love.” Although they might have wanted something new, that is just what they want to hear, well at least what they pretend they want to hear.

If you are looking for a present for someone who you are interested in, buy two movie tickets and a bag of popcorn for them. This will not make them salty like the popcorn, but rather joyful.

You do not look too obsessive and it shows the person you want to keep talking to them and moving forward with the relationship.

Check out the new Stars Wars movie, The Force Awakens, coming out December 14th. Most people like that fantasy stuff and you can incorporate this sentence in,

“May ‘your name’ be with you;” write your name in the blank for a flirtatious vibe.

If you cannot afford wrapping materials, or if you are a bad wrapper like me, buy already wrapped gift boxes here.

Seeking gifts for a friend? What are those secret words and fun memories you keep with that friend?

Remember the top secret code words you use for her weird uncle? Yeah, I am referring to Uncle Mustache.

Buy a personal gift that only they will understand and love, such as, best friend pizza necklaces; best friend pizza necklaces.

If it is difficult to figure out a person and what they want for Christmas, you can always resort to Plan B. Buy a gift card so that person can buy something they like.

The holiday season is slowly coming around the corner and so is your crazy, annoying neighbor putting up Christmas lights at two in the morning for some unknown reason.

Be prepared for Christmas by buying or making the gifts early. Make sure to try out any of these DIY projects because surely any receiver would love the work you put into them.

As Edgar Allen Poe once wrote, “We loved with a love that was more than love.” Love and cherish all of the moments with your family and friends this holiday season.

Let it Poe, let it Poe, let it Poe!



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