Attacks Throughout the Year 2015

BY Ilyana Correa – Staff Writer

During 2015, there have been 140,000 terrorist attacks. Many of these attacks were caused by ones’ beliefs, a failed security system, and a lack of trust amongst the different cultures and countries.

Religious beliefs and cultural differences created a divided nation with each country to prove that their religion is the almighty one.

For example, the Muslims believe Allah, their God, signifies protection of their own, regardless of the sacrifice. They believe taking risks and doing what is right for them is the correct way.

The United States blames many Arabians for the deaths they caused and the destruction of a normal life, but we’ve also caused tragedy in their lives as well. The United States’ greed to take what is not ours and our arrogance has caused tremendous loss of life and an overwhelming feeling of not being safe.

Despite increased security measures after 9/11, 2015 has had its fair share of terrorist attacks, which leads the American people to believe that our security systems have failed. Adjustments need to be made to make Americans feel safe and protected.

Terrorist attacks cause war. War causes sadness, but also gives us a sense of our strength and our commitment to the American people. The lack of trust between our dividing nations is what causes hatred and karma.

We fight against our own people, we disagree on topics we should be agreeing on, and we disrespect each other when we should be consulting each other.

As the New Year dawns, we should, as a community, make a change in the problems and fights that occur. We should learn to make peace with the world rather than fighting with the ones we love.


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