It’s a Super Sweet Sixteen


Staff Writer

Throughout a female teenager’s life, they go through changes and developments in their body. Sixteen, in the United States, is the age of becoming a woman.

It is the age of allowing young adults to receive their license. It’s also an age where many of them learn how to take responsibility for themselves.

To plan a sweet sixteen, it takes hard work, dedication, and teamwork to get the job done. My family and I have been planning my sweet sixteen for about a year.

With the help of my friends and close relatives, we have come a long way in order to have one wonderful night. This will be the one night where I get to change from being daddy’s little girl into a young woman.

Usually this cultural tradition for having a sweet sixteen, is to dedicate 16 candles to 16 family members that have changed your life for the better. It’s to thank them for shaping you into the young lady you are today.

Usually, the girl gives the first candles to her parents. She then gives the other 14 candles to those who helped shape the woman she has become.

The final candle either goes out to her boyfriend or one of her close friends.

Even though this memorable party gives loads of headaches, it also allows memorable moments to last forever and brings families closer together.



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