How to Bear Valentine’s: Guide for the Single

gcHxQEO7pP0BY LEAH CONNATSERArts and Entertainment Editor

February 14th is a special day for some, but just another day for others. This article is for loners who choose to love themselves first rather than get into a relationship.

Let’s start off with a little background on why Valentine’s Day is actually a national holiday.

According to Mark Merrill of, during the third century, the Roman Empire was ruled by Emperor Claudius II Gothicus. Claudius canceled all marriages and engagements in Rome.

A Christian priest named Valentine stood up for love and gave his life for couples to be together.

Times have changed and the importance of love has altered enough for me to write this article right now. Things are different.

You have to face it; it isn’t elementary school anymore. People do not have to give you a valentine now.

Hearts are filling the air and big bears a… ABSOLUTELY NOT!

There are many upsides to being single on Valentine’s Day. Think about it, you do not have to spend any money on someone, and that means the chocolate in stores is on sale the day after, February 15th.

Here are a couple of ways to duck from the lovebirds and celebrate Valentine’s Day if you do not have a significant other.

Your best friend or friends are a go to for this holiday. Go out to eat, watch a movie or even go bowling, there are endless options.

If all your friends are busy, go buy yourself a gift. We are indispensible and deserve to make ourselves happy.

If you cannot do any of these activities and have to go to the last resort, turn on that new season of your favorite show and embrace your tear-filled sweater, because it isn’t that awful to be alone.





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