RIP… Again


– Editorial Editor

Time and time again, posts pop up on the internet claiming that a celebrity has died. Sadly, some of these are true and the world is shaken by these deaths, but sometimes they are just hoaxes.

Justin Bieber, Eminem, and Morgan Freeman have all been victims of ‘internet death.’ Fans of the ‘recently deceased’ all swarm up and post about how much this still living person will be missed.

Now, any person who knows not to trust random Facebook articles will automatically do a quick search and find that So-and-So is not actually dead.

On top of fake deaths, some actually deceased celebrities may experience a “re-death.” One of the most famous “re-deaths” was Shirley Temple.

Every few months, Twitter and Facebook will pop up with articles saying something along the lines of “RIP Shirley Temple, you will be missed, 1928-(current year of post).”

It’s great that people want to remember a cultural icon like Temple, but to put it bluntly her death is old news. Temple died in early 2014, not last week.

Another thing to think about is how living celebrities feel when they see fake death posts about themselves. They may get pretty nervous that people are talking about their non-existent death, or they may feel a sense of appreciation that they would be missed so much after their death.

So next time you see a post about a celebrity dying, instead of pressing ‘share,’ you should do a little research beforehand.


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