The Ultimate Championship Game



During the weekend of March 18th through March 20th, the 7th grade Lebanon girls traveling Basketball team received the winning title in the Championship game against Newport. With the score being 33-32, the girls won by a lucky three-pointer finishing and ending their final season.

The winning shot came from Avery Hupp, who also scored twelve points, leading the team to its victory. With the help of her team and their phenomenal point guards, Giahny Correa and Avril Torrez, the girls conquered their goal of beating Newport for the first time in four years.

The girls had lost to them during their first game on Friday, with the score of 20-19. The girls realized they had the potential and talent to win their home Championship game.

Lebanon’s fans promised to cheer the girls on during their last and final game.

With winning the championship, the girls received trophies for their outstanding and superb job of playing hard, hustling, and playing as a team.



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