Things Have Changed For Me



Three years down, one-hundred and seventy-some days to go, and then my time at Lebanon High will become a thing of the past.

Just like anyone who has been through the trial that is high school, I can say that it wasn’t always the best of times. Hours and hours of homework and the stress are definitely not my favorite things.

There were times that I wanted to quit, drop out, and never return again. But now, I would happily stay here for many more years.

In ninth grade, I was so excited to finally begin my countdown to the end of my schooling. On almost a daily basis, I had to remind myself ‘Just four years, I can wait that long, I know I can.’

It wasn’t that I hated school, not at that point. I just didn’t like the concept, I didn’t like not being able to take art or music classes all day and being stuck in core classes.

Despite that, when I did start getting more elective classes in tenth grade, it just made me dislike school more. I was tired of the same routine, and having small breaks of fun in art made be resent the Math and Science classes even more.

To say I’m not good at those subjects is a bit of an understatement. To make matters worse, I still had no idea what I wanted to do after I graduated.

Suddenly, I found myself in eleventh grade and still no plan. I started focusing on what I liked the most, my Art and English classes, as well as working for the yearbook and The Cedar Times.

I enjoyed writing and creating art, and I surrounded myself with people who were willing to help me improve on my other classes. My grades were getting better, and sure, I hated getting up early, but I didn’t hate school anymore.

Now I’m counting down the days until graduation for positive reasons. I’m eager to move on to bigger things, but I also know that things will be completely different from high school.

No more Homecoming dances, no more pep assemblies, and no more ‘Have a great day, Lebanon High’ every morning. I’m gonna miss it here and as much as anyone else will try to deny it, so will every other senior.

My biggest regret from my time at LHS is definitely not realizing what I was taking for granted. All those times in previous years when I didn’t participate in an event because I thought I was ‘too cool’ for it (which, I will say, was never true).

My time here would have been much better had I realized that sooner. Participating in the clubs and events I do now makes me wish I could go back in time and change my ways, make myself appreciate everything our school has to offer.

I made it my own personal mission this year to try and make up for lost time. I’ll go to every game and event I possibly can, as well as take more time to hang out with friends I know I may never see again after graduation.

So here is my final message to all struggling underclassmen: Don’t take our school for granted. All the stress and anger you are feeling is only temporary, and there will be a point when you realize that you spent a year or two missing out.

High school is a rollercoaster, it feels like forever getting up to the top of the hill, but once you’re at the top, once you’re a senior, all of it will fly by and soon enough you will be at the end of the ride.

Take your time, relish in the anticipation and excitement you feel as you climb up the hill. Most of all, make sure you enjoy the view.



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