Stressing as a Senior

Stressing as a SeniorBY CHEYENNE REICHARD 

Sports Section Editor

    The class of 2017 has just entered their senior year. We have so many things to look forward to such as our last homecoming, prom, the senior trip, and graduation! 

    Even though we have all of the fun things to look forward to, we also have stressful things that come with being a senior. For example, getting a good score on SATs, picking the right college if we want to go, to finish up our high school careers strong. 

    Managing time is key when you’re in high school. By now, all of the seniors should be able to finish up all of their work while participating in after school activities. 

    Finding time to do your homework, eat your dinner, finish chores, go to work, and be ready for the next day can be really challenging. 

    Making sure you manage your time wisely is very important in high school. I find that keeping a planner is great when you have a bunch of homework, as well as an activity after school.

    Even though I may get stressed out from trying to complete all of my work and keep up with everything, I am definitely excited for my last year of high school. As a senior, I am really looking forward to all of the school events, like football games, basketball games, prom, and my senior trip. 

    As seniors, we need to make sure that we make our last year our best year yet and make the most out of the time that we have left. 


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