Teachers are Friends, Not Enemies


In our current generation, it seems that a lot of times we feel like we don’t have anyone to really talk to about our problems. Whether it’s school related or home related, it’s hard to find someone who truly listens.

Everyone always tells teenagers that they can talk to their parents in a stressful situation, but sometimes it’s not that easy. Parents can be the source of the problems, so of course you don’t want to complain to them about it.

Teachers, however, are a different story. If you get comfortable enough with a teacher, you can tell them anything and know that they will try to help you as much as possible.

It doesn’t matter what subject they teach, or how often you have them in class. A teacher-student friendship can pop up once in ninth grade, and still be going strong as you hug them at graduation.

As the school year moves forward, I figured it was a perfect time to talk to students about their relationships with their teachers and what it is about them that makes you trust them.

“I always talk to Mrs. Peiffer about personal stuff. When I first had her in freshman year, I really liked her personality so we just kind of clicked,” senior, Noah Jones explained, talking about his relationship with Mrs. Glenda Peiffer, who is one of our school’s alternative education teachers.

“I’d say my trust level with her is definitely a nine. I can tell her everything,” Jones continued. Jones has had Peiffer every year since he was a freshman, and their relationship has only grown.

On the other side of the school hides Mr. Hower, all the way at the end of the Gym Building. He teaches digital design and printmaking, and if you’ve ever had him, you’ll know exactly why he’s a great teacher to talk to.
Senior, Jessaca Reeves, shared her own opinion on Hower, who she also had for the first time in ninth grade.

“He’s great because he actually reacts to things I tell him. He doesn’t just sit and agree with me.”
She continued, “He’s not afraid to speak his mind and give me actual ways to figure out my issues. He’s by far my favorite teacher and I feel like he’s another parent to me because I just trust him.”

“There’s no comparison to Mr. Hower. He tells you things how they are and doesn’t try to sugar coat them. He’ll lay out your problem and tell you exactly what to do so that it can be fixed,” she added.

Those are just two examples of the reliable teachers we have at LHS. Mr. Topping, Mrs. Heefner, and Mr. Hibshman are other educators who make sure to connect with their students.

Creating these trusting relationships with teachers doesn’t just happen overnight, however. You have to make time and build on it, just like any other kind of friendship.

The teachers at Lebanon High are much different from the ones at surrounding schools; they actually care about their students well-being and want them to be happy.

Personally, I rely on Mr. Hower, Mrs. Heefner, and Mr. Topping for advice if I need it. Those three have come into my high school career at different parts of my life, and I was in a different mindset when I met all three, so it’s surprising that I can still look to them now, as a senior.

High school can be a scary place without any guidance, so if you ever need someone to talk to without judgement, you can always look to your teachers. Despite what typical teen movies may say, teachers are our friends, not our enemies.


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