A Changed View of Outside

BY LEAH CONNATSER – Junior Editor-In-Chief 
Recently, my Modern Literature class got assigned the book Room by Emma Donoghue. I would have never picked up the book if it wasn’t assigned to me, but I’m really glad that it was. My eyes have opened a lot because of it. 

 It is a book of strength, strife, and amazement, in which, an 11″11 space changes a woman and her son’s life forever. 

 The positivity shown through the mother’s character, Ma, is completely incredible. The cluelessness of the narrator, the five year old son of Ma, Jack, is potentially life altering to the reader; it definitely was for me. 

 In the beginning, the world cannot particularly be seen through Jack’s eyes, but it can be seen through the reader’s eyes in a way that is unimaginable. Jack has a preconceived idea that the place outside of Room is outer-space and/or heaven. The readers have an idea of what Room is like, but we do not know until Jack thoroughly explains it because it is all that he knows.  

 Jack is happy and content in Room, whereas Ma is forever longing to be outside again. 

 We can create our own worlds, but that is based off of what we have seen in the real world. We all live in a different world because we all have different minds. Jack only has his imagination, tv, and what his mom tells him about the outside world to even paint a picture of what it is actually like. 

 Jack was born into one place, a place where he had to stay for the first five years of his life, without ever leaving. Donoghue perfectly displayed a five year old’s mind in the novel and made a powerful connection between Jack and his understanding of how the real world is. 

 Once Jack witnesses “outside,” he notices so many repeats. The world truly does have so many repeats, we never truly see new things. 

 After reading and taking in all of the words in the novel, it is really cool to have a stronger connection with the world and outside. 

 I love the fact that Ma’s character stays strong and positive throughout her whole time in Room. She goes through a tremendous break down, but comes back with an attitude that is unimaginably beautiful, even though she has had seven years taken away from her that she can never get back.

 It is almost as if we as people living through the golden age of technology, may lose touch of the outside world. We will never be able to believe that all celebrities are real because we have never actually seen them. 

 We can all connect to Jack’s thoughts even if we are older than him. I believe that is what writing is all about. No matter what age, what race, what size, we all can have similar emotions. 

 At the end of the book, I was waiting for so many untold answers. I had so many questions. What the French toast Donoghue? For example, what ever happened with Old Nick’s court case? How will Ma get back on her feet again? What will become of Jack and his new found life in the real world?

 I strongly suggest that others read this novel. It truly does open your eyes and it makes you feel a different way about the world. 


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