Don’t Say it, Don’t Think it, and Don’t Watch it

BY LEAH CONNATSER – Junior Editor-in-Chief 

 Recently I went to go see the movie, The Bye Bye Man, in theaters. It stars Douglas Smith as Elliot and Doug Jones as the “Bye Bye Man.” 
 The movie revolves around three college students who move into a house together. They later start to realize that they are being watched by an evil entity. 

 A scary movie nowadays can either be really good or really corny with no plot whatsoever. I definitely did not have high hopes for this film when I walked into the movie theater.

 Some expectations I had were: Jump scares, relationships, a lot of death, and a really terrifying “Bye Bye Man.”

 Although there were some comedic lines in the movie to keep it going, I found myself waiting for the movie to start even when it was an hour in. 

 I loved the background of the film, but I felt as if they could have done way more with it. The movie was talking of the cause of evil being a person and not an event, which sounds pretty cool, right? While the idea sounds entertaining, it was only followed through a tiny bit. Evil is much more than just one person wearing all black and hunting down teenagers. 

 The two people who went with me weren’t too keen on the motion picture either. 

 Expectations and reality: There was more comedic scenes than there were jump scares. The curse of the man did bring the friends closer, but the closeness obviously did not help them in the end. 

 There was a lot of death in the movie as predicted, but overall the death scenes were not very interesting. The movie was rated PG-13 after all. 

 Lastly, the “Bye Bye Man” wasn’t even that scary. I mean come on, he was supposed to represent evil, and he just looked like a creepy old man with a jacket on. 

 All I have to say is, if you like cheesy scary movies, this would definitely be one to go see. As the curse of the Bye Bye Man overwhelmed the characters, the curse of the film will stick with you. 


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