Norman’s Paradise 

BY LEAH CONNATSERJunior Editor-in-Chief


 After four seasons, the television show based off of the hit 60’s movie Psycho, is coming to an end. Bates Motel has made me laugh, cry, and sometimes both, but I don’t have to let it go just yet.

 The final season will begin on Monday, February 20th, and it will be a season unlike the others. There are a lot of things and people who are associated with the last death of season four. 

 When Norman Bates, played by Freddie Highmore, tried to kill himself and his mother to start a new life and live in paradise together, it backfired tremendously. He is going to be alone now, but not alone in his mind. 

 It has taken many episodes to get here, but now Norman has gone completely and utterly insane.

 Norma Bates, played by Vera Farmiga, still acts in this season because she is still a part of Norman’s imagination, so you don’t have to worry. 

 I know the episodes are going to be filled with suspense and give me chills every second. However, I don’t want to lose interest because of the new faces that will be shown.

 Many new actors and actresses will be seen in this season, including Rihanna who will be playing Marion Crane, who starred in the famous shower scene in the movie. That will be very interesting to say the least, since she is a singer and not usually acting. I don’t think I’ll be able to get past the fact that she literally is the amazing singer/songwriter Rihanna, but I really hope she does just as good as the original actress who played the role. 

 I’m anxious to see how Sheriff Romero is going to fight for his lost love. He cared about Norma so much and tried to warn her about how dangerous Norman is, but she didn’t believe him. Now she is gone and Romero is heartbroken. He will do anything he can now to get out of jail and put Norman there. I can’t wait to see how he acts when he gets out and talks to Norman after what happened. 

 I also want to know what goes through Norman’s head when he sees Norma’s corpses and when he just imagines her. I wonder what the difference is. He believes that she is just pretending that she is dead so that she doesn’t have to deal with the outside world, when in reality that is just the way he would have wanted it. 

 Either way, I know I will not be disappointed. I definitely suggest binge-watching the previous seasons so that you can be caught up to watch this killer final season. 


Steps to Starting Your Dream Life in 2017

 As we grow up, we continue to figure out what we hope will come out of our lives. Some want big houses and families, others want to travel the world and simply be alone. Whatever the case is, your life matters and it matters from the day you leave your mother’s body. No matter what you would like your life to look like starts with you, and until you put in place exactly what you want, you will be spinning in circles trying to figure out how to get to the next step, here are 6 steps on how to make 2017 the beginning of your dream life. 

Make a plan: Anyone can dream up their perfect life with dreams of a big house and a happy family. Although it is good to have accomplishments planned out for your future, a lot of us forget the steps we need to get there. Choosing key check points you want to hit throughout your life will help you with the end goal. Tracking progress is the only way you will be able to know if you accomplished anything at all.

Understand everything takes time: Making a plan will help you understand exactly where you would like to end up, but even with a plan it takes a decent amount of time to get from step one to the final outcome. Do not wake up every morning expecting significant change with your life, it is likely never going to happen like that, but having a clear understanding and a timeline will help you control that unsettling urge of nothing happening. Staying on track or ahead of the game will always speed up the time line. Do not stress if you don’t get where you want to be within the next couple of years, it will happen when it’s meant to with perfect timing. 

Share your plan with someone: Life has its ups and downs and your life plans will rise and sink with it. Sharing your ideas makes them more of a reality and less of a dream. When other people know your aspirations it allows them to guide you in the right direction when you are falling slightly off. 

Cut out negativity from your life: There will always be people who tell you that you simply can not do certain things, from a young age it has always been that way. After knowing people for a long time, or having long time habits, it is hard to break away from them. Even if those things bring negativity, we look to them for comfort because a lot of time it is all that we know. Let those negatives turn into positive learning experiences, and they will get rid of the negative side of them. Push out of your comfort zone and do not let those negatives be the situations and people that hold you down. If they do not support or help you with your dreams, make them a memory. 

Stop Hesitating: Those dreams you come up with, the fantasies you would like to live, they exist. It is a matter of going out and searching for them. Stop waiting for the right opportunity to do something, it will never come. Stop coming up with excuses as to why you can’t and make up reasons as to why you can. Holding yourself back is the biggest reason you are not doing exactly what you want to be doing. Stop hesitating, and be the change you want to see in your life. 

Enjoy the Journey: Being caught up in our destination often stops us from realizing we have a life that many admire. Knowing the destination is important because without a destination none of these steps matter, but sitting back and watching your journey is more of a reason to have these destinations. While trying to make it, remember that the little bumps are what got you to exactly where you want to be. Step back and look at the bigger picture instead of the sliver of a picture you painted for yourself. Along the way you will find things you never thought you’d love, you’ve always wanted to have, and you are grateful you came across. 

 As the year progresses check in with your goals and see the progress you are making. If you don’t think you are advancing enough in your goals, go back through these steps and see what you are lacking the most. Keeping on top of simple things like these can turn your life around in such a positive way. Do not wait for your dream life, go out searching for it high and low and be sure to look in places you probably never expected for it to be. Happy 2017! 

Don’t Say it, Don’t Think it, and Don’t Watch it

BY LEAH CONNATSER – Junior Editor-in-Chief 

 Recently I went to go see the movie, The Bye Bye Man, in theaters. It stars Douglas Smith as Elliot and Doug Jones as the “Bye Bye Man.” 
 The movie revolves around three college students who move into a house together. They later start to realize that they are being watched by an evil entity. 

 A scary movie nowadays can either be really good or really corny with no plot whatsoever. I definitely did not have high hopes for this film when I walked into the movie theater.

 Some expectations I had were: Jump scares, relationships, a lot of death, and a really terrifying “Bye Bye Man.”

 Although there were some comedic lines in the movie to keep it going, I found myself waiting for the movie to start even when it was an hour in. 

 I loved the background of the film, but I felt as if they could have done way more with it. The movie was talking of the cause of evil being a person and not an event, which sounds pretty cool, right? While the idea sounds entertaining, it was only followed through a tiny bit. Evil is much more than just one person wearing all black and hunting down teenagers. 

 The two people who went with me weren’t too keen on the motion picture either. 

 Expectations and reality: There was more comedic scenes than there were jump scares. The curse of the man did bring the friends closer, but the closeness obviously did not help them in the end. 

 There was a lot of death in the movie as predicted, but overall the death scenes were not very interesting. The movie was rated PG-13 after all. 

 Lastly, the “Bye Bye Man” wasn’t even that scary. I mean come on, he was supposed to represent evil, and he just looked like a creepy old man with a jacket on. 

 All I have to say is, if you like cheesy scary movies, this would definitely be one to go see. As the curse of the Bye Bye Man overwhelmed the characters, the curse of the film will stick with you. 

A Changed View of Outside

BY LEAH CONNATSER – Junior Editor-In-Chief 
Recently, my Modern Literature class got assigned the book Room by Emma Donoghue. I would have never picked up the book if it wasn’t assigned to me, but I’m really glad that it was. My eyes have opened a lot because of it. 

 It is a book of strength, strife, and amazement, in which, an 11″11 space changes a woman and her son’s life forever. 

 The positivity shown through the mother’s character, Ma, is completely incredible. The cluelessness of the narrator, the five year old son of Ma, Jack, is potentially life altering to the reader; it definitely was for me. 

 In the beginning, the world cannot particularly be seen through Jack’s eyes, but it can be seen through the reader’s eyes in a way that is unimaginable. Jack has a preconceived idea that the place outside of Room is outer-space and/or heaven. The readers have an idea of what Room is like, but we do not know until Jack thoroughly explains it because it is all that he knows.  

 Jack is happy and content in Room, whereas Ma is forever longing to be outside again. 

 We can create our own worlds, but that is based off of what we have seen in the real world. We all live in a different world because we all have different minds. Jack only has his imagination, tv, and what his mom tells him about the outside world to even paint a picture of what it is actually like. 

 Jack was born into one place, a place where he had to stay for the first five years of his life, without ever leaving. Donoghue perfectly displayed a five year old’s mind in the novel and made a powerful connection between Jack and his understanding of how the real world is. 

 Once Jack witnesses “outside,” he notices so many repeats. The world truly does have so many repeats, we never truly see new things. 

 After reading and taking in all of the words in the novel, it is really cool to have a stronger connection with the world and outside. 

 I love the fact that Ma’s character stays strong and positive throughout her whole time in Room. She goes through a tremendous break down, but comes back with an attitude that is unimaginably beautiful, even though she has had seven years taken away from her that she can never get back.

 It is almost as if we as people living through the golden age of technology, may lose touch of the outside world. We will never be able to believe that all celebrities are real because we have never actually seen them. 

 We can all connect to Jack’s thoughts even if we are older than him. I believe that is what writing is all about. No matter what age, what race, what size, we all can have similar emotions. 

 At the end of the book, I was waiting for so many untold answers. I had so many questions. What the French toast Donoghue? For example, what ever happened with Old Nick’s court case? How will Ma get back on her feet again? What will become of Jack and his new found life in the real world?

 I strongly suggest that others read this novel. It truly does open your eyes and it makes you feel a different way about the world. 

How To Sustain A Healthy Relationship

Editorial Editor

Everyone wants a happy, trustworthy, and loving relationship with their significant other. We seek attention from them that may not always be given.

The first step in sustaining a healthy relationship is to maintain trust. Each member of the relationship should trust each other.

Whenever there is a situation where the pair are disagreeing on a subject, one should believe the other on what they are trying to say. This cannot be done with just one person.

The couple must work together as a team to form a bond.

The next step is to be loyal to one another. There should never be cheating in a relationship.

If one does not feel for their significant other in any way, then it is best to leave on a good note rather than on a bad note.

The last step is to show attention and love towards your significant other. There are too many relationships that lack love and are only with a person because they feel they are cute or funny.

If a couple applies love in a relationship with whoever it may be, they will have the ticket to a very happy life. It’s one of those things where one knows it is right and they will do anything in their power to stay with that person.

Love is a very complicated emotion. It varies throughout many different topics and for that reason it is very hard to cope with.

It is very common if some may have problems with this emotion, but as long as there is love, there is hope. Make sure one is with a particular person because they enjoy being around them.

There is a saying, “Love is that of lust,” In many cases this may be true. Some may feel that they are in love with a person just because the sex or the intense affection being shown.

Some of us forget the real reason behind being with someone and making not only themselves happy, but the other person happy too. Do not start a relationship or continue one, if you know you want nothing to do with that person other than sex or money.

There is also another saying, “Love is blind.” This quote I strongly agree with because some of us may feel that we love a certain person because we like hanging out with them or because they’re cute, but in reality there is no love, just a desire.

A desire to feel loved by someone other than one’s families or friends. Always make the right decision in trusting, being loyal, and in loving another person.

Those are the top three steps in maintaining a healthy, trustworthy, and happy relationship.

Teachers are Friends, Not Enemies


In our current generation, it seems that a lot of times we feel like we don’t have anyone to really talk to about our problems. Whether it’s school related or home related, it’s hard to find someone who truly listens.

Everyone always tells teenagers that they can talk to their parents in a stressful situation, but sometimes it’s not that easy. Parents can be the source of the problems, so of course you don’t want to complain to them about it.

Teachers, however, are a different story. If you get comfortable enough with a teacher, you can tell them anything and know that they will try to help you as much as possible.

It doesn’t matter what subject they teach, or how often you have them in class. A teacher-student friendship can pop up once in ninth grade, and still be going strong as you hug them at graduation.

As the school year moves forward, I figured it was a perfect time to talk to students about their relationships with their teachers and what it is about them that makes you trust them.

“I always talk to Mrs. Peiffer about personal stuff. When I first had her in freshman year, I really liked her personality so we just kind of clicked,” senior, Noah Jones explained, talking about his relationship with Mrs. Glenda Peiffer, who is one of our school’s alternative education teachers.

“I’d say my trust level with her is definitely a nine. I can tell her everything,” Jones continued. Jones has had Peiffer every year since he was a freshman, and their relationship has only grown.

On the other side of the school hides Mr. Hower, all the way at the end of the Gym Building. He teaches digital design and printmaking, and if you’ve ever had him, you’ll know exactly why he’s a great teacher to talk to.
Senior, Jessaca Reeves, shared her own opinion on Hower, who she also had for the first time in ninth grade.

“He’s great because he actually reacts to things I tell him. He doesn’t just sit and agree with me.”
She continued, “He’s not afraid to speak his mind and give me actual ways to figure out my issues. He’s by far my favorite teacher and I feel like he’s another parent to me because I just trust him.”

“There’s no comparison to Mr. Hower. He tells you things how they are and doesn’t try to sugar coat them. He’ll lay out your problem and tell you exactly what to do so that it can be fixed,” she added.

Those are just two examples of the reliable teachers we have at LHS. Mr. Topping, Mrs. Heefner, and Mr. Hibshman are other educators who make sure to connect with their students.

Creating these trusting relationships with teachers doesn’t just happen overnight, however. You have to make time and build on it, just like any other kind of friendship.

The teachers at Lebanon High are much different from the ones at surrounding schools; they actually care about their students well-being and want them to be happy.

Personally, I rely on Mr. Hower, Mrs. Heefner, and Mr. Topping for advice if I need it. Those three have come into my high school career at different parts of my life, and I was in a different mindset when I met all three, so it’s surprising that I can still look to them now, as a senior.

High school can be a scary place without any guidance, so if you ever need someone to talk to without judgement, you can always look to your teachers. Despite what typical teen movies may say, teachers are our friends, not our enemies.

Stressing as a Senior

Stressing as a SeniorBY CHEYENNE REICHARD 

Sports Section Editor

    The class of 2017 has just entered their senior year. We have so many things to look forward to such as our last homecoming, prom, the senior trip, and graduation! 

    Even though we have all of the fun things to look forward to, we also have stressful things that come with being a senior. For example, getting a good score on SATs, picking the right college if we want to go, to finish up our high school careers strong. 

    Managing time is key when you’re in high school. By now, all of the seniors should be able to finish up all of their work while participating in after school activities. 

    Finding time to do your homework, eat your dinner, finish chores, go to work, and be ready for the next day can be really challenging. 

    Making sure you manage your time wisely is very important in high school. I find that keeping a planner is great when you have a bunch of homework, as well as an activity after school.

    Even though I may get stressed out from trying to complete all of my work and keep up with everything, I am definitely excited for my last year of high school. As a senior, I am really looking forward to all of the school events, like football games, basketball games, prom, and my senior trip. 

    As seniors, we need to make sure that we make our last year our best year yet and make the most out of the time that we have left.